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April 11, 2008

Note to Readers + General Update

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There is a particular reason why I have implemented the “approve comment” feature within WordPress.

In response to offensive and hateful comments, I have found some to have contained racist remarks and references to inappropriate and immature content irrelevant to previous topics discussed. While I welcome open-ended discussion that touches on a multitude of ends within the broad spectrum, I do not tolerate responses with a deliberate attempt to discriminate or show resentment toward a particular group. For example, there were inappropriate references to certain sensitive topics of external/sexual manifestations (many of which dealt with the male genitalia) characterizing Chinese in order to differentiate us physically from the “mainstream.” Not only are these remarks irrelevant to the overall discussion, but they carry about an air of disrespect and a deliberate act of offense with the apparent intention to provoke rather than to offer intellectual opinion in correlation to the original content presented. Every individual is free to think however he wants, and everyone is entitled to his own opinion. But remember, you are representing yourself, and by disrespecting others, your only gain is having succeeded in provoking others to treat you with the same level of disrespect as well.

I have extremely low tolerance when it comes to these types of comments which deliberately attempt to offend and discriminate. Keep that in mind, and all individuals having committed a number of these offenses will face a permanent ban of their IP addresses; and be warned – if you should continue, further action will be taken in retribution of your acts. Furthermore, your persistent efforts from now on are in vain for your comments are automatically redirected to the spam folder where I do not bother to read them at all, nor am I even aware of their existence in the first place. So tell me – why bother? You are merely wasting your time and efforts.

For those whose comments I have approved so far, thank you for reading through my posts and sharing your opinion upon the content discussed. To my more respectable and serious readers, please excuse the note I made above. Ultimately, I do expect to receive such responses, for open-ended topics arousing controversy or a variety of perspectives are more prone to biases and prejudiced reactions – some of which are bent soley on the intent to isolate based upon racism and discrimination. This is an inevitable fact within the world of public blogging and journalism, especially in the subject matter of ethnic studies dealing with racial groups or other controversial topics in political/foreign affairs (or perhaps, even with the integration of both).

Hypothetically speaking, if I were to advocate for the support of Beijing to host the upcoming 2008 Olympics, I would obviously be met by a few number of counter-arguments in opposition to China’s direct involvement with the Olympic games. I am in no position to persuade anyone to agree wholeheartedly with my stance, for many undoubtedly resent China’s support of Burma’s military government, their involvement as Myanmar’s primary trading partner, its affiliation with the oppression involved in the Durfur genocide, and their long-term occupation of Tibet since 1951 which resulted in the denial of political freedom for its local inhabitants. Thus, China is believed to be the foothold of universal human rights violations and therefore ought to withdraw their sponsorship of the 2008 Olympics from its capital. However, I presently do not hold a particular view that leans more toward the support of the protests or toward the “torch.” But with the discussion of such a controversial and much debated matter like this, for example, I would encourage the open-ended exchange of opinions and ideas relevant to this topic, as long as it is conducted peacefully at the intellectual level of discourse – that is, without the bashing of any cultural groups (in which racism is apparent), political affiliations, personal opinions, and whatnot.

Moreover, I want to remind you all and make it clear to you as well that I am not in any way a specialist on the subject matter of Asian American studies. I too represent a portion of the community that may hold biased and/or ignorant viewpoints whenever I post my opinion on a particular issue or about my experiences regarding the overall theme of being Chinese/Asian in America. If I were a specialist or perhaps possessed broad knowledge within this field, I would have been more of a consistent blogger on a week-to-week basis, perhaps. I still have much to learn for this encompasses numerous facets of information regarding various topics within the wide spectrum of theories and concepts existent out there. I am a mere explorer, a student who is currently browsing the expansive world revolving around my academic and personal interests. Simply put, if I feel moved or inspired by any experiences or events that have impacted me in some manner or have caused me to generate a personal response on my part, I would write about it.

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