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June 20, 2007

The Ed Jew Scandal: Its Impact upon the Chinese American Community Over the S.F. Supervisor’s Arrest

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I happened to have read an article concerning a recent event dealing with the arrest of Ed Jew, the only San Francisco Asian American supervisor whose arrest may possibly shape the fate of future political participation and involvement predominantly among Chinese Americans. What was the rationale of his arrest? His act of misdemeanor rested in the criminal charges of bribery in which he was alleged to have accepted $40,000 in cash from Quickly, a tapioca drink shop chain, to assist with city permit issues, and he is now being investigated by the FBI. Additionally, he had been charged with a number of felonies with regard to the allegation that he did not reside at the Sunset District where he ran for candidacy prior to his election.

Since Ed Jew is the first Chinese-American official in San Francisco who had been accused of a fraudulent act and had therefore been faced with criminal charges, a column in Sing Tao Daily reported that these charges may have created an impact upon him as well as for the rest of the Chinese American community. Throughout the Bay Area, news of the charges against this official have flashed all over the headlines of Chinese-language media including television news reports and newspaper columns. And as Ed Jew represents the Chinese American community within San Francisco, a question that arises among many Chinese is whether this particular scandal generally reflects the overall integrity and future of other Chinese American politicians as well, rendering a sort of “negative” scrutiny upon the ethnic minority group.

According to Harrison Lim, president of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, he had been quoted in the Chinese-language World Journal newspaper saying, “When something happens to one person, it not only impacts him but also his family, and the image of the whole Chinese-American society,” (Chien). Though many are concerned about the impact, the Chinese community’s support for Jew remains questionable as Chinese-language media might not necessarily act any more sympathetic to Jew simply because he is also Chinese.

This also raises the issue of whether Ed Jew is the target of racial oppression due to the fact that he is an individual of ethnic minority and that many Asian Americans are generally deemed by the mainstream media to be politically apathetic, uninvolved, or even ignorant, thus promoting the perception that the community, on the whole, has little political representation. It seems as though more political participation on the part of the Chinese American community is necessary in order to further integrate into mainstream society and to fully manifest our rights and privileges under the scrutiny of the American media and population.

If you wish to find out more detailed information about Ed Jew’s scandal, I encourage you to read more about it in these articles below.

Primary Article Source:

Chinese Media Sad and Concerned Over Supervisor’s Arrest (New America Media)
By Eugenia Chien (June 13, 2007)

Related Articles of Interest:

Supporters Say Ed Jew is Victim of Racism (San Francisco Chronicle)
S.F. Attorney May Move to Oust Ed Jew from Office (CBS 5)

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  1. Kinda like the Lee Wenho scandal.

    Comment by Taikor — July 3, 2007 @ 8:11 am

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