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May 12, 2007

Culture Shock – Asian American Identity

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I invite you to watch the following YouTube video titled Culture Shock – “Identity” – Unraveling “Asia America” which I think is very inspirational in terms of how people of Asian American descent define their roles in contemporary American culture today. I originally found this video from Irish Born Chinese’s blog. The group of students who were interviewed in this video all attend(ed) Columbia University in New York and participated in this interview as a promotional introduction to their annual Asian American culture show called Culture Shock.

In this video, I found it interesting to peer into the thoughts and opinions of different students representing various Asian ethnicities (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, etc.), though all sharing a similar commonality – a meshing of different perspectives into a general consensus of what defines a pan-Asian American identity. As a college student of a similar age and being Asian American just like them, I discovered that many of my own viewpoints are parallel to their own – regarding identity crisis, segregation, image, assimilation, cultural struggles, and the concept of the model minority.

Unfortunately, I do not attend Columbia University to have witnessed this event for myself, but I’m sure that an event such as this will allow others to become more open-minded about the current situation of Asian Americans, their identities, and how they feel about living in the U.S. from their own cultural perspectives. Sometimes, it’s all about feeling accepted and being able to define who we are as both Asians and Americans.

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